Fly Fishing Questions

TN Tailwaters offers knowledgeable with a fun setting for guided fly fishing trips; with a TN local, you can explore East Tennessee Rivers and cast your flies to catch trophy trout. At TN Tailwaters, we help you have the best fly fishing trips with less stress by providing everything you need.


There are still questions you may have about fly fishing; we are here with the answers. Here are some of the most common questions we get from first-time fly fishers; this can help you understand fly fishing basics before you embark on our guided fly fishing trip.

What is fly fishing? 

Fly fishing is the use of an artificial bait called a fly. This almost weightless form of bait is one of the oldest known fishing to men. The lure attaches to a fly rod and is cast upon the water in a sweeping motion to attract fish to the bait. This method is perfect for catching trout. 

How is a fly made? 

Flies come in different colors and materials, typically fur, feather, or other synthetic materials tired to a hook to imitate fish food; or something a fish might chase to eat. This “bait” allows you to hook a fish. 

Is fly-casting difficult?

Although fly casting is different from regular casting, it is not difficult. All you need is a good time dedicated to practice and learn the basics. However, there is always something to learn about fly casting. 


So, mastering and learning the intricacies is continuous. Two to three lessons from a skilled angler can help you understand the ropes as quickly as possible. This method is perfect for catching trout. 

What equipment do I need to start fly fishing?

The list of fly fishing equipment includes; a fly rod, reel, tippet, waders, and leader. Don’t worry; our guided float trips provide all this, and more so you can fish. 

Do I have to come with my equipment?

No, you don’t have to buy or come with fly fishing equipment. We will make them ready for you. Giving you fishing equipment and showing you how to use them is part of the quality service we offer. 


However, you are expected to come around with your hat and polarized sunglasses, as we will only make fishing equipment available.

When is the best time to fish for trout? 

Trout fishing can be done year-round on Watauga River and South Holston River, but there is a vast possibility of catching larger fish in late spring or warmer months. 


There is less pressure on anglers to fly fishing during late spring, which makes it the best time to catch larger fishes. Summer months are warmer, and fishes are hungrier during this time, making it another good season to catch trout. 

Can I teach myself to fly fish?

While you may spend time trying to get the basics by yourself, you will learn better and faster if someone shows you what to do first. An excellent place to educate yourself on fly fishing is your local fishing shop. Take beginner classes and get some knowledge. After then, you can continue to improve your skills on your own.

Do I need a fishing license?

The State of Tennessee required all anglers to have a fishing license, and therefore you will need to have proof of the permit before we enter the water. Most states require a fishing license to fly fish; you will need to check with your state for specifics. 

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How many fish will I catch?

Great question! While we know all the best spots in the South Holston River and the Watauga River, that will not guarantee that the trout will be biting that day. We hope to have a great catch every day, but there is no way of telling with nature in control.